Putting aside partisan arguments, we are all looking for the same ends:  a safe place to live, great educational and economic opportunities regardless of the neighborhood you’re from.



Investments in education should complement our country's long-term economic goals. The best legacy we can leave behind for our future leaders, is making available a greater variety of educational opportunities- such as trade schools, to give students the skills necessary to run the technical industries of today and tomorrow.

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blockchain technology

The digital revolution has changed everything from how we catch a cab, to how we settle the tab with a group of friends at Sunday brunch. The blockchain is now the new frontier. This will revolutionize how we finance our common causes. Even if its just 1 dollar from a high school student, or several thousand from your local shopkeeper. Micro shares will be how our generation will invest in new startups and local small businesses.  Blockchain Technology and micro shares will also allow local governments to raise capital quickly for affordable housing, and hospitals. This will make unstable municipal bonds a thing of the past. When I get to Washington D.C one of my very first proposals will be to prepare the legislative framework to standardize the use of blockchain and turn Satoshi Nakamoto’s ingenious vision into a greater good.




The housing crisis is the enormous elephant in the room that our leaders won’t talk about because they don't have the solution for it. This is the single largest threat to working families, but worst off are the younger generations who have yet to step out into the real world. This is why we must start working on the solution right now by expanding our transportation infrastructure.