"It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men." Frederick Douglass

We are the world’s largest and freest economy, yet we are doing our youth and ourselves a major disservice by not giving them the best shot at success, especially coming out of high school. Investments in education should complement this country's long-term economic goals. The best legacy we can leave behind for our future leaders, is making available a greater variety of educational opportunities- such as trade schools, to give students the skills necessary to run the technical industries of today and tomorrow, without the underlying debt from a traditional university. It should be the norm for our nation’s public high schools to offer the option of learning a trade as part of a curriculum. The money is already being spent, so why not spend it a little more wisely by offering programs that will provide every child in America access to a skill-set. We should give them a chance to graduate not only with a diploma, but with the real world training in electrical mechanics, robotics, and Blockchain Technology. This is how you build a safety net right into your child's high school education. This plan alone can uplift underprivileged communities out of financial hardship in less than one decade. To change our outcomes, we must first change our thinking process. If a young adult at age 17 can qualify to join the military, they surely should have the ability to choose a career-path or start a business at 18 years old.