Economy & Small Business

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The driving force of our city's diverse economy is small-business, but our government fails us time and time again passing crippling regulations, making it impossible to start, let alone run a business in this city. Whenever the government needs to raise funds, instead of facilitating more opportunities to create jobs, and tax revenue it issues summonses that can financially paralyze a local business. Now, add the overwhelming costs of rent it's easy to see why our neighborhoods are now littered with empty storefronts. Every closed business you walk past on a daily basis is the defeat of that families' American Dream. Plus lost jobs, and tax revenue. The best help to small business the government can provide is to get out of the way. Common sense safety and environmental regulations should always come first, but there is no reason it should take two years to open a restaurant in our city due to local regulations, and have to close down after the first 6 months because of federal regulations that prevent you from borrowing the capital necessary to operate. We need people in office who get it. I am a small business owner and I will fight for common sense regulations that put entrepreneurs and working families in the position for success.