Affordable Housing & Infrastructure



Housing in New York City is among the most expensive in the country. Just 10 years ago, you were able to rent a studio apartment for a reasonable price. Today, rent costs have gone up so high that people are forced to find a room, or a bed to rent if they are lucky. Many end up in shelters some even on the streets. Homelessness has no age, gender or race it can happen to anyone. Much of the housing crisis can be solved if our government had the courage to tackle it head-on, using good project management, creative financing, and technology.

Being a licensed New York City Contractor for over 10 years, I will be the first to tell you that government red tape is 70% of the housing problem. The other 30% can be attributed to the lack of adequate mass transportation. It takes way too long for projects to be approved, and even longer to build. Further, we should be taking advantage of modular technology to speed up the construction process, and to lower the cost per unit. 

Any experienced New York City realtor will tell you to “Follow The Trains because that is where the next trendy neighborhood will be”. But what happens when we get to the last stop, and rents become unaffordable. 

The housing crisis is the enormous elephant in the room that our leaders don’t talk about because they don't have the solution for it. This is the single largest threat to working families, but worst off are the younger generations who have yet to step out into the real world. This is why we must start working on the solution right now by expanding our transportation infrastructure.

As our elected representatives go at each other's throats in Washington DC, competing countries like China, along with parts of Europe, The Middle East, and Africa are building some of the most advanced infrastructure projects known to mankind. Our private sector is biting at the bit to start investing billions into high-speed transportation like the Hyperloop. A system that can take you from New York to DC in 29 minutes. That's the same amount of time it takes the Q Train to travel from Atlantic Ave to the Sheepshead Bay station. Such projects are already well on their way in other places like Baltimore MD, where plans to install a Hyperloop line that connects to Washington DC has already been started. I'm not trying to sell you on The Hyperloop, but I am trying to get you to see that this is the kind of fresh, forward thinking we need in our representatives to solve this impending crisis. I will be that innovative voice in Congress, continuing to work tirelessly to eliminate the government red tape that stands in the way of innovation. Our children's future depends on it.